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Our Story

Honey, you are home!

Motivated by our vision to recreate the essence of what it means to feel truly at home, even when you are travelling. We understand the integral role a home sanctuary plays in escaping a modern, fast-paced lifestyle. Our own love for travel, culture and experiences inspired us to found Home Story. While our firsthand knowledge of the stresses associated with short-term relocations drove us to create spaces that give you a real sense of feeling entirely at home, down to every last detail.


Tell your own story

Home is where we are safe, find rest and enjoy special moments with friends and loved ones. These are all essential requirements for a fulfilling life. When we travel away from our own homes, it's easy to lose this sense of fulfillment and feel something is missing. Home Story fills that void by creating spaces where you can feel at entirely at home. Your very own sanctuary filled with anything that you may need. Let go and embrace a space to tell your own story. You are not a guest; you are home.


Your Space

A home is a space that allows you to be yourself and feel protected. The feeling of home is one of our most basic needs. From the moment you step inside, there should be no transition. A beautifully designed, clear space that invites you to breathe, relax and live comfortably. Each of our special spaces are designed to feel like your very own safe haven, where you can be somewhere new but still feel a sense of belonging.